Industrial Robotics


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More robustness and/or lower required HW cost

  • Robust localization and accurate mapping, even against dynamic environments with moving people and changing scenery.
  • Multiple functions to easily handle very large scale maps.

Benefits Kudan software brings

  • More accurate location and robustness from tightly-coupled Visual-Lidar SLAM.
  • Significantly lighter Lidar map (original raw data can be reduced by more than 300x).
  • Large-scale and robot-model agnostic solutions.
  • Lower required sensor cost.
  • And many more features!

Example projects

  • localization software for indoor autonomous mobile robots in warehouses, retail stores, offices, power plants, and others.
  • Outdoor delivery robots development.
  • Kudan software and sensors packaged as a single SLAM sensor module.
  • Retrofitting existing machinery with Kudan software to enable autonomy.

Relevant Demo

  • Running indoors on Qualcomm Robotics RB5 with Intel Realsense

  • Localising with multiple vehicles in one map


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