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Kudan Announces Milestone Achieved on SLAM development; GigaPoint SLAM Map creation

Kudan is pleased to announce the achievement of development milestone; GigaPoint SLAM maps - maps containing billions of points.

Kudan (4425.tyo) today announced that the company successfully reached one of milestones of Artificial Perception development; GigaPoint SLAM. This milestone enable SLAMs to handle more than one billion feature points, or GigaPoint Map, which enable creation of large scale map, and detailed map.

“We are pleased with the strong progress Kudan has made in the development of our Artificial Perception technology,” stated John Williams, CTO of Kudan Limited, UK. “Our multi level-of-detail map marks an important step forward in the advancement of our Artificial Perception technology for wider commercial use.”

The unveiled demo video shows the large-scale and dense point cloud generated in real-time by GigaPoint SLAM, taking input from both RGB cameras and LiDAR. The generated point cloud has several billion points covering several kilometers, showing detailed 3D structure and containing 3D coordinates and visual feature descriptors, used for visual tracking and localisation of devices.

Large number of points enable very large area coverage, which can be useful not only in autonomous driving but also on smart city and digital twins. High amounts of details benefit post processing such as pathfinding and AI to work effectively.

About Deep Tech; Deep Tech can be defined as technology that is based on tangible engineering innovation. Deep Tech is often set apart by its profound enabling power, and agnostic nature of the use cases rather than the incremental refinement or delivery of standardised technologies or business model innovation based differentiation. Deep Tech can span across many technological areas and can impact diverse applications.

About Milestones; Since Kudan is developing Deep Tech, we use various milestones to measure the maturity of technology and development.

About Kudan; Kudan is a leading Deep Tech lab developing Artificial Perception (AP) algorithms, providing the eyes for the machines (robots, computers), complementary working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the brain for the machines. On top of its proprietary Artificial Perception, Kudan is developing integration of AP with AI and IoT, based on its unique milestone approach specialised for Deep Tech.