Mapping Dev Kit

Vehicle Mount version

About Kudan Vehicle
Mobile Mapping Dev Kit

Product Vision

Enables you to build your own simple, affordable and high-performing mobile mapping device for various environments including GNSS-denied areas.

The vehicle mobile mapping kit consists of robust and reliable sensors such as a 3D-Lidar, INS, and cameras. These sensors have been handpicked to enable users to capture accurate point clouds at a much more affordable price compared to existing alternatives.

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What’s inside the Dev Kit


  • 3D-Lidar (multiple options available)
  • (Optional) Camera:3 units
  • INS
  • GNSS antenna: 2 units


  • Fuse Sync Box & Cables
  • Mounting Frame
  • Mounting Cover
  • Compute: Intel NUC
  • Mobile monitor
  • Router


  • Kudan Mapping Toolchain (for data collection)
  • Kudan 3D-Lidar SLAM (for point cloud generation)
  • Operation System: Ubuntu

Why choose our Dev Kit

We focus on the most fundamental functions and uses to bring the most cost-effective offering to the industry.

  • Accurate and robust point clouds generation for many applications with excellent return on investment/price
  • Flexible sensor choice by proprietary sensor fusion unit. Point cloud colorization is also supported.
  • No need for professional skills.
    Simple user interface enables easy and efficient data collection and generation.
  • HW can be re-used for autonomous mobility applications. Smooth migration from mapping kit to AD/ADAS kit through a simple software upgrade

Sample set up of the vehicle
mobile mapping dev kit

  • Mounting Cover

  • Mounting Frame

  • Sensor Fusion Unit

  • LiDAR

  • INS

  • Camera

Sample output

Point cloud output generated from
handheld and vehicle mapping kit

  • Urban area (near a station)

  • Indoor office

  • Urban residential

  • Quarry

  • Underground cave

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