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Artificial Perception technology

The leading SLAM algorithms for all future devices

Our capability

Kudan's technologies are developed from the scratch without relying on third parties. This contributes to both the outstanding performance and the flexibility of the development for applications, which are required for future devices
Proprietary technology


Versatile customisation


Kudan's technologies are designed to be as versatile as possible. This enables additional customisation by Kudan for each user's requirements to get best combination of performance and functionality to fit the user's hardware and use-cases
Kudan's offers technology, not products. Kudan is capable of supporting a user's internal development by providing modularised algorithms and source code to extend the user's own systems while including in-house tech assets
Flexible integration


Tech offerings

Latest updates



  • SLAM for stereo/mono cameras
  • SLAM for multiple camera
  • SLAM for 360 camera
Processor optimisation


  • CPU SLAM (ARM, Intel)
Sensor fusion


  • SLAM with IMU
  • Depth SLAM (LiDAR, ToF)
  • SLAM with GPS
  • SLAM with mechanical odometry
Algorithm fusion


  • CNN based SLAM
  • Hybrid of SLAM and SfM
  • Hybrid of SLAM and Visual Odometry
Mapping for versatile use-cases


  • Cross-camera
  • Large scale mapping
  • Map separation and integration
Connected processing


  • Edge computing SLAM
  • Cloud SLAM system with distributed map generation

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