Don't get lost.
Always know precisely
where you are.


Kudan SLAM -
See the difference commercial grade SLAM brings to your product.

NVIDIA® JetsonTM modules power a range of applications that require various performance levels. Jetson modules pack unbeatable performance and energy efficiency in a tiny form factor, effectively bringing the power of modern AI, deep learning, and inference to embedded systems at the edge.

Kudan's SLAM software brings spatial awareness to your autonomous machines powered by Jetson, whether you have a single camera, stereo camera, depth camera, or even Lidar.

Whether you have built your own stack or using NVIDIA's Isaac robotics software platform and/or ROS, we can complement your solution with robust, reliable, and efficient spatial awareness.

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Kudan's commercial grade SLAM outperforms
the competition where it matters the most:

  • 2x the SLAM processing framerate
  • 50% of memory usage
  • Robust and consistent tracking in various operating environments
  • Trusted and proven with partners environments

* Compared against readily available software solutions like ORB-SLAM