Ouster Lidar SLAM Evaluation

Kudan Lidar SLAM - See the difference commercial grade SLAM can bring to your product.

Ouster creates a wide range of high performance lidar sensors to give 3D vision to robots, smart infrastructure, industrial machines, vehicles and more.

Kudan’s Lidar SLAM software brings unparalleled spatial awareness to your autonomous machines powered by Ouster Lidars. Kudan has created a partnership program with Ouster to enable your team to quickly integrate Kudan Lidar SLAM into your projects, and evaluate the effectiveness of Ouster Lidar and Kudan SLAM together.
Whether you have built your own stack or using ROS, Kudan can complement your solution with robust, reliable, and efficient spatial awareness.

At this time, Kudan is only providing the Kudan Lidar SLAM ROS node to streamline the evaluation process. If you would like access to Kudan’s API library to integrate into your own stack, please contact Kudan with below information.


  • Possess an Ouster Lidar
  • Have or plan to have a ROS 1 or 2 based test platform
  • Running Ubuntu 18.04+

Evaluation Version Limitations

  • No integration of IMU, INS, GNSS, Wheel Odometry and other sensors
  • Cannot merge, and split maps from different sessions
  • Cannot stream the map from the cloud or edge server to the target device
  • 30 day evaluation period

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