Dates Metron, an Indian mapping solutions provider, decides to launch a handheld mapping product powered by Kudan Lidar SLAM


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Kudan Inc. (headquarters in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO Daiu Ko, hereafter “Kudan”), a leading provider of real-time simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) software, is pleased to announce that Kudan Lidar SLAM (KdLidar) has been adopted for a product of Dates Metron LLP (hereafter “Dates Metron”), an enterprise focusing on mapping and volumetric measurement related business in India.

Dates Metron is a company headquartered in Delhi, India, that develops and provides mapping solutions. Kudan’s SLAM technology, KdLidar, has been adopted for the release of the Metron X, a revolutionary product for the civil construction and mining industries.

The Metron X is a mapping solution that efficiently generates so-called digital twins, which are digital conversions of civil construction industry and mining industry sites into 3D point clouds. With the Metron X, digitally designed work and process plans and actual work and process progress can be managed on the same digital platform. This will not only dramatically improve efficiency, including the remote planning and management of civil construction and mining sites, but also enhance work efficiency and safety.

KdLidar is the software responsible for 3D point cloud generation, a fundamental function of the Metron X. Through Kudan’s proprietary algorithms, KdLidar offers significant improvements in accuracy, processing speed, and robustness over conventional SLAM technology, thereby making the Metron X revolutionary products without sacrificing accuracy compared to conventional ones.

  • Reduced scan and process times (-50%)
  • Reduced hardware configuration costs (-80%)
  • Reduced equipment size (-70%)
  • No need for a separate PC for post-processing

In addition, KdLidar has contributed to significant reduction in development costs and development time (-80%) by providing modularized software architecture, supporting tools, and development kits to support product developers who become our customers.

Thus, the Metron X is expected to be utilized for digitization and DX implementation, for which demand is rapidly growing in the civil construction industry and the mining industry, as a solution that is significantly less expensive and more versatile than conventional approaches. For example, the technology roadmap released by the Ministry of Coal, Government of India in 2021 outlined a policy of significant digitization of coal mining operations, and in 2023 Coal India, the world’s largest state-owned coal company and a subsidiary of the Ministry, has launched a digitization project called “Digicoal”. In addition, the civil construction industry has also been backed by the Indian government’s national BIM digital twin strategy started in 2022, and this leads to dramatic acceleration of investment in digitalization in both industries.

In response to these market tailwinds, Kudan and Dates Metron will accelerate the industry’s digitalization and DX implementation by launching and promoting next-generation products to support productivity improvement and innovation.

“We are pleased to see the release of Metron X by Dates Metron to help civil construction and mining industries in India to digitalize their workflow.” said Daiu Ko, CEO of Kudan. “By collaboration with Dates Metron, leveraging their industrial expertise and market footprint, we look forward to contributing to development of innovative products with our SLAM technology and capture the tremendous market demands of digitalization in India.”

“This groundbreaking mapping product marks a significant milestone as our collaboration with Kudan, and will redefine the landscape of mobile mapping technology adoption in India.” said Sahil Dass, Managing Partner of Dates Metron. “We anticipate leveraging Kudan’s technology to better serve the market needs in India with comprehensive and advanced solutions, and continue to expand our product portfolio with Kudan.”

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