Introducing Kudan’s Revamped KdVisual SLAM Software 2 for Intel EI for AMR: A New Era for Robotic Applications


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The ever-evolving landscape of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) continuously beckons for advancements that can cater to growing industry demands. Addressing this call, we at Kudan are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation, the KdVisual SLAM Software 2, optimized for Intel’s Edge Insight for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR).

A Partnership Carved in Technological Excellence

Kudan’s alliance with Intel has always been underscored by a shared vision of propelling the world of robotics into the future. Our combined efforts have led to a version of KdVisual SLAM software that not only promises swifter performance and increased robustness but also basks in the hardware acceleration and optimization, generously provided by Intel, for the 11th generation and subsequent Intel Core processors. Check out the partner show case of Kudan from Intel:

What’s New in KdVisual SLAM Software 2 for Intel EI for AMR?

  • New Architecture: KdVisual 2 represents the culmination of learnings from the original KdVisual, and optimized within a new architecture. KdVisual 2 brings refined operations for SLAM for reliable and repeatable deterministic behavior.
  • Unparalleled Memory Usage: KdVisual 2’s advanced algorithm reduces memory usage by 4x over KdVisual 1, which already was leader in memory and processor usage.
  • Unwavering Precision: Precision-engineered to tackle even the most complex environments, KdVisual 2 brings 2x improvement in accuracy, continuing to be the dependable choice for mapping and localization.
  • Integration like Never Before: The software seamlessly integrates with Intel’s Edge Insight for AMR, guaranteeing effortless deployment across various platforms.
  • Hardware Excellence by Intel: The software is supercharged with hardware optimization provided by Intel, promising unparalleled performance in all robotic endeavors.

Dive Deep with Our Tutorial Series

We understand that new advancements always come with new learnings. To ensure a smooth transition to this major upgrade for our user community, we’ve launched an all-encompassing tutorial video series. These tutorials have been meticulously crafted to guide users through every phase of the software application, from the initial download and installation to setting up the system and real-time deployment on a development robot.

Access the Tutorial Videos Here:

A New Dawn in Robotics

At Kudan, we believe that technology should evolve in tandem with the needs of its users. This release, a culmination of persistent endeavors and unwavering vision, marks the beginning of a new chapter in commercial robotics applications. As we march forward, we invite our community of developers, innovators, and tech enthusiasts to join us on this exciting journey into the future.

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