Kudan will deliver keynote address at UKIVA Machine Vision Conference


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Kudan are a keynote at the UKIVA – Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition that will be held in Milton Keynes, UK, on 6th June 2019.

The keynote ‘Visual SLAM in the Wild’, will describe the real-world challenges of deploying a SLAM system across a variety of applications as well as designing a SLAM system that’s versatile both in terms of hardware and software.

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About Kudan
Kudan (TYO: 4425) is a leading Deep Tech firm developing Artificial Perception (AP) algorithms, providing the eyes for the machines (robots, computers), complementary working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the brain for the machines. On top of its proprietary Artificial Perception, Kudan is developing integration of AP with AI and IoT, based on its unique milestone approach to measure the maturity of technology and development specialised for Deep Tech. As a leading Deep Tech firm, Kudan spans across many technological areas and impacts diverse applications through its tangible engineering innovations.
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