Nuvoton Technology Corporation Japan, formerly Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions, to demonstrate its TOF solution enabled by Kudan SLAM at the coming exhibition in Japan


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Kudan Inc. (headquarters in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO Daiu Ko, hereafter “Kudan”) is pleased to announce that Nuvoton Technology Corporation Japan (headquarters in Kyoto; President Kazuhiro Koyama, formerly Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions, hereafter “NTCJ”), which has a partnership with Kudan, will be showcasing its solution using Kudan’s SLAM※ technology as one of the application examples for NTCJ’s TOF sensor at ITmedia Virtual EXPO 2021 Autumn from September 1st to September 30th. This exhibition is one of the largest virtual events in the manufacturing sector in Japan.

Kudan and NTCJ have been jointly developing solutions combining NTCJ sensors and Kudan SLAM as partners in the 3D sensing solution area. In this exhibition, NTCJ is going to showcase its mapping and localization solution with its TOF sensor as a part of NTCJ’s 3D sensing solution for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

Demo video of the solution
Kudan Visual SLAM: using a TOF sensor from Nuvoton Technology Corporation Japan (NTCJ)

TOF sensor combines a depth sensor with near-Infrared Rays (NIR) and an image sensor and captures data from these sensors without any time and parallax difference. NTCJ leverages this advantage not only for highly accurate SLAM but also for generating accurate occupancy grid maps even with featureless plain walls, which can be challenging to recognize only with an image sensor.

TOF sensor NTCJ developed (evaluation device)

The solution provides localization capabilities and obstacle detection capabilities with a single sensor. It is expected to be implemented in multiple applications, not only for indoor service robots and AGVs but also outdoor autonomous mobility use cases.

※SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) is a technology which allows devices to simultaneously self-locate and create maps of their surrounding environment through sensors such as cameras or 3D-Lidars. Kudan owns SLAM technology utilizing both cameras and Lidar sensors, and has successfully combined these to further develop low-latency, high-precision, high-stability technology.

■■Event Overview■■

<Name> ITmedia Virtual EXPO 2021 Autumn
<URL> (Japanese Only)
<Date> September 1st to September 30th, 2021
<Booth> In NTCJ’s virtual booth

About Nuvoton Technology Corporation Japan
Panasonic Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd., became a member of Nuvoton Technology Corporation, a Taiwanese semiconductor OEM, and was newly renamed as Nuvoton Technology Corporation Japan on September 1, 2020. It continues leveraging products, technologies and know-how which Panasonic has cultivated for more than 60 years. It is also going to deliver the product and service exploiting the synergy with Nuvoton. It values its existing relationships with its customers and partners, and aims to be a global solutions company that solves various problems in society, industry and people’s lives by providing added value that exceeds expectations.
For more information, please refer to Nuvoton’s website at

About Kudan Inc.
Kudan (Tokyo Stock Exchange securities code: 4425) is a Deep Tech research and development company specializing in algorithms to enable artificial perception (AP). As a complement to artificial intelligence (AI), AP functions allow machines to develop autonomy. Currently, Kudan is using its high-level technical innovation to explore business areas based on its milestone models established for Deep Tech, which provide a wide-ranging impact on several major industrial fields. For more information, please refer to Kudan’s website at

■Company Details
Name: Kudan Inc.
Securities Code: 4425
Representative: CEO Daiu Ko

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