Kudan has started Kudan Deep Tech Investment Program


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Kudan has begun an investment program targeting Deep Tech companies called Kudan Deep Tech Investment Program, promoting investment and business collaboration in Deep Tech fields. To date, Kudan has globally rolled out an R&D-style business that focuses on Artificial Perception, one Deep Tech field that is attracting worldwide attention. Through the Kudan Deep Tech Investment Program, Kudan will operate as a business and holding company in moving forward with investments in Deep Tech companies in computer science and bioscience.

Deep Tech, or deep technology, is, just as the words imply, technology with a great deal of depth, and enables other technologies by acting as a foundation. Specifically, Deep Tech is “deep in science”, as a leading-edge scientific technology; “deep in industry”, as it provides a foundation for industry; and “deep in impact”, as it influences various industries.

With these three characteristics, Deep Tech is unlike applied technologies and end products which assume the use of other elemental technologies, and also unlike solutions that are differentiated by number of users and business models. Deep tech has broad applications and versatilities, and does not assume use in specific product areas or industries. Rather, broad and diverse penetration is anticipated.

What is Deep Tech?

Until now, deep tech was difficult for startups to commercialise due to issues with its unique market and management environments. In many cases, Deep Tech was implemented by being affiliated with a large enterprise. However, in order to realise the social impact unique to deep tech, it is necessary to secure business independence as Deep Tech and fully exert universal potential rather than being commercialised d by one parent company for one business.

In order to solve such critical dilemma within industry, Kudan, as one of the limited companies to have secured a business foundation with unique Deep Tech, is capable to provide management support to startup companies to leverage its knowhow in Artificial Perception, and to practically realise more Deep Tech and have an impact on industry. In promoting Kudan Deep Tech Investment Program in parallel with the Artificial Perception business, Kudan aims to become a business and holding company for a group of deep tech companies on a global basis. (edited)

About Kudan
Kudan (TYO: 4425) is a leading Deep Tech firm developing Artificial Perception (AP) algorithms, providing the eyes for the machines (robots, computers), complementary working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the brain for the machines. On top of its proprietary Artificial Perception, Kudan is developing integration of AP with AI and IoT, based on its unique milestone approach to measure the maturity of technology and development specialised for Deep Tech. As a leading Deep Tech firm, Kudan spans across many technological areas and impacts diverse applications through its tangible engineering innovations.
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Please check out the Japanese version of press release here.

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