Tripleize, one of Kudan Vision’s portfolio companies, got listed today on TSE Growth!


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Kudan Inc. (headquarters in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO Daiu Ko, hereafter “Kudan”) is pleased to announce that Tripleize Co., Ltd. (headquarters in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President Yuichiro Yamada, hereafter “Tripleize”), a leading company in image recognition technology based on deep learning, got listed today on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth market (Securities code: 5026).
Tripleize is the first investment of Kudan Vision※.
(※Kudan Vision is a Kudan’s group company and mainly engaged in investment and Deep Tech research.)

Based on its management philosophy of “Putting imagination on technology”, Tripleize develops and provides a wide range of services that utilize cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT, and blockchain, including AIZE, which is an image recognition platform based on a proprietary AI engine. Also, Tripleize has focused on developing services to realize DX innovation. In particular, its unique image recognition AI technology has been contributing to the further spread and development of DX in the Japanese industrial world. In addition, Tripleize has been developing Go AI for a long time and is one of the few Japanese companies to demonstrate the most advanced AI technology.

Kudan Vision made the investment in June 2021 in order to support Tripleize in further strengthening its R&D and social implementation capabilities and expanding its business development. Tripleize and Kudan will continue to focus on expanding our business development and social implementation in a wide range of industries beyond the technical limitation of our respective technologies through the integration of Tripleize’s advanced AI technology and system implementation capabilities with Kudan’s proprietary localization technology.

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We have made an investment in Tripleize, a leading company in image recognition technology

■About Tripleize Co., Ltd.

Establishment: September 2008
Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative: President Yuichiro Yamada
Capital: 1.3 billion yen
(As of May 31, 2022. This includes capital reserve, but doesn’t include the increase due to the exercise of stock options.)
Business Description: System integration and provision of AI platform

■About Kudan Vision Inc.

Establishment: January 2021
Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: CEO Ken Iizuka
Business Description: Investment

About Kudan Inc.
Kudan (Tokyo Stock Exchange securities code: 4425) is a deep tech research and development company specializing in algorithms for artificial perception (AP). As a complement to artificial intelligence (AI), AP functions allow machines to develop autonomy. Currently, Kudan is using its high-level technical innovation to explore business areas based on its own milestone models established for deep tech which provide wide-ranging impact on several major industrial fields.
For more information, please refer to Kudan’s website at

■Company Details
Name: Kudan Inc.
Securities Code: 4425
Representative: CEO Daiu Ko

■For more details, please contact us from here.

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