Kudan launched its affordable mobile mapping dev kit for vehicle and handheld


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Kudan Inc. (headquarters in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO Daiu Ko, hereafter “Kudan”) is pleased to announce that Kudan launched its own development kit for vehicle mount and handheld mobile mapping applications using Kudan 3D-Lidar SLAM (KdLidar).

There have been considerable demands for a packaged solution of hardware and our 3D-Lidar SLAM software so that customers can easily get point clouds using our SLAM software. Even though there are existing mobile mapping solutions in the market, some segments of the geospatial industry are looking for a Dev Kit type of solution with better price-to-performance, increased flexibility of parameter configuration, and easier operation for essential functions. We observed that this requirement is prominent in the academic and research sector, and in order to respond to this market demand, we launched our own mobile mapping dev kit.

The most noticeable advantages of our dev kit are the following.

  1. Excellent return on investment/price for performance: Targets half of the prices of alternative solutions without compromising the quality of point clouds
  2. Flexibility: Supports different parameter settings for data collection and point cloud generation to meet the needs of various application use cases.
  3. Simplicity: Less than an hour to start scanning after unboxing for handheld, with all essential functionalities supported.

You can find more information about the dev kit on our website, so please visit and send us an inquiry for more details.

We are continuing to offer our software to enhance existing mobile mapping solutions that rely on INS or other SLAM solutions to enhance their performance.

About Kudan Inc.
Kudan is a deep tech research and development company specializing in algorithms for artificial perception (AP). As a complement to artificial intelligence (AI), AP functions allow machines to develop autonomy. Currently, Kudan is using its high-level technical innovation to explore business areas based on its own milestone models established for deep tech which provide wide-ranging impact on several major industrial fields.
For more information, please refer to Kudan’s website at

■Company Details
Name: Kudan Inc.
Securities Code: 4425 (TSE Growth)
Representative: CEO Daiu Ko

■For more details, please contact us from here.

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