Use Cases

Kudan has already been demonstrating outstanding capability in important use cases.

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Larger-scale, interactive and user-friendly AR/VR solutions

  • We provide greater capability than other SDKs; unlimited map scale, cross-platform compatibility, increased robustness and accuracy.

The benefits of Kudan software

Larger scale map usage such as multi-story shopping malls, large plants, and even an entire city.

  • Easy to combine with cloud infrastructure or 5G network
  • Easier to keep maps up-to-date
  • And many more features!

Example AR/VR projects

  • AR glasses development for consumer head mount displays, medical industry clients, construction clients, and others
  • AR navigation applications development for indoor facilities (stations, shopping malls)

Relevant Demo

    • Live real-time SLAM on a smartphone

    • AR navigation using HD map together with Kudan Visual SLAM

Industrial Autonomous Mobile Robots

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Consumer Robotics

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Autonomous driving/ HD map

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Geospatial / mapping

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Drone / UAV surveying and mapping

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Smart cities / IoT

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