Use Cases

Kudan has already been demonstrating outstanding capability in important use cases.

Geospatial / mapping

Mapping with affordable sensor setup and applicable to more situations

  • No need for an expensive GNSS/INS as the main localization approach
  • Generate accurate point clouds under GNSS-denied environments such as indoor or tunnels

Benefits Kudan software brings

  • More accurate 3D reconstruction and maps
  • Faster time-to-market to develop your own mobile mapping device
  • Wider effectiveness including underground environments and crowded downtown areas (e.g. Tokyo, Miami, New York)
  • Lower required sensor cost and flexibility of Lidar choice
  • Higher productivity thanks to real-time processing capability
  • And many more features!

Example projects

  • Develop your handheld mapping system with lower grade INS/GNSS
  • Integrate Kudan software into an existing surveying solution
  • Mapping conducted in urban metropolitan areas

Relevant Mapping Demos

  • Kudan Solution – Mobile Mapping Solution

  • Kudan Lidar SLAM in long narrow corridors

  • Kudan Lidar SLAM: Mapping a residential area

Industrial Autonomous Mobile Robots

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Consumer Robotics

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Autonomous driving/ HD map

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Drone / UAV surveying and mapping

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Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

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Smart cities / IoT

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