Use Cases

Kudan has already been demonstrating outstanding capability in important use cases.

Autonomous driving/ HD map

Autonomous driving: More safety, more reliability, and more scalability

  • Provides a critical element of autonomous driving; accurate location, supported by available GNSS data but still effective in GNSS denied environments
  • Enable scalability by server-based SLAM and smart map update functions for country-size large-scale deployments
  • State-of-the-art relocalization using “GN-net” massively expands autonomous driving capability in tough situations (e.g. bad weather, summer vs winter season).
  • Brings more robustness to HD maps by integrating maps created by Kudan / Artisense SLAM

The Benefits of Kudan software

  • More accurate location and robustness from tightly-coupled Visual-Lidar SLAM
  • Significantly lighter Lidar map (original raw data can be reduced by more than 300x)
  • Capable to move SLAM on cloud so that offload processing from each vehicle
  • Update map automatically depending on scenery changes
  • And many more features!

Example projects

  • localization software for autonomous vehicles, robo taxis
  • Autonomous vehicle parking solution
  • HD map creating tool using Kudan SLAM
  • Kudan software and sensors packaged as a single SLAM sensor module
  • Integrate map layers created by KudanSLAM into existing HD map layers

Demonstrating Autonomous driving/HD mapping

  • Artisense, a Kudan group company, demonstrates its lane-level accurate positioning in a multi-floor parking lot and urban environment

  • Lane Level AR Navigation Demo by NNG, HERE & Artisense


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