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Robust and accurate localization with cost effective sensor setup

  • KudanSLAM runs on lower grade CPUs, even without a GPU, but will accelerate with higher grade ones.
  • Accurate in GNSS-denied areas, but can take advantage of them when available.
  • Handles dynamic 3D scene-movement.

Benefits Kudan software brings

  • Save on hardware cost, leveraging affordable processors and sensors.
  • Wider effectiveness including underground environments and crowded downtown areas (e.g. Tokyo, Miami, New York).
  • Flexibility on sensor types and their combinations.
  • Higher productivity thanks to real-time processing capability.
  • And many more features!

Example projects

  • Mobile mapping systems and drones with lower grade INS/GNSS
  • Integrate Kudan software into an existing surveying solution.
  • Surveying conducted in urban metropolitan areas.

Relevant Demo

  • Running an indoor drone dataset on Qualcomm Robotics RB5 – 100% tracking

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