Use Cases

Kudan has already been demonstrating outstanding capability in important use cases.

Industrial Autonomous Mobile Robots

Moving beyond a 2D-Lidar based approach with faster time-to-market

  • Robust localization and accurate mapping, even against dynamic environments with moving people and changing scenery, which typically 2D-Lidar SLAM struggles
  • Multiple functions to easily handle very large scale maps

The benefits Kudan software brings

  • More accurate and robust localization with Visual SLAM and/or 3d-Lidar SLAMA against scenery changes and dynamic objects
  • 10x faster time-to-market compared to internal development or open-source based approach
  • Productivity improvement due to faster operation speed
  • Overall hardware cost reduction through lower grade sensors
  • And many more features!

Example Industrial Robotics Projects

  • Localization software for indoor autonomous mobile robots in warehouses, retail stores, offices, power plants, and others.
  • Autonomous mobile robots for indoor and outdoor mixed environments
  • Kudan software and sensors are packaged as a single SLAM sensor module
  • Retrofitting existing machinery with Kudan software to enable autonomy.

Relevant Demos

  • KdVisual in Action: In an operating factory

  • KdVisual In Action: Forklift in a dynamic warehouse

  • Kudan Lidar SLAM: In a large shopping mall for autonomous cleaning/ service robots

  • Kudan SLAM: Supercharge your 2D LiDAR ROS robot with Kudan Visual SLAM

Consumer Robotics

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Autonomous driving/ HD map

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Geospatial / mapping

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Drone / UAV surveying and mapping

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Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

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Smart cities / IoT

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